Fees and Hours

Fees are negotiated with each therapist. Individual therapists, at their own discretion, may operate a sliding scale of fees relating to time of day (evening appointments can be more expensive) or the income level of the client.

Fees are payable directly to the psychotherapist by cheque, electronic transfer/online or cash. We are unable to accept credit cards or debit cards.

Initial, informal assessment appointments are sometimes at half-fee, depending on the therapist. Short meetings to discuss therapy are usually free. A formal assessment appointment will be charged at the standard fee. Please check before you come.

Several Bridge therapists are registered providers with a range of medical insurance companies (eg BUPA, AXA-PPP etc). Although we have found that some medical insurers are reluctant to fund psychological treatments, providing rather narrow strictures around registration requirements, length of treatment, etc., others are much more flexible. It really depends on the insurance provider.

Please make thorough enquiries of both your insurance provider and your therapist, before proceeding.