Support for Implementing change

Mentoring & Coaching

At the Bridge our services extend beyond basic psychotherapy to include practical support for day-to-day life and work.  Mentoring or coaching can help you find ways to consolidate and implement the gains you’ve made in therapy,  by showing you ways to transform your newfound awareness into meaningful change — at work and at home.


Mentoring often grows out of therapy. When you’ve dealt with the emotional issues that were holding you back, you may not want to leave it there.  You might want to continue working with your therapist to apply your newfound awareness to many aspects of your life.  Your mentor is your support system; someone to run things by and help you stay on track.


A coach is in your corner to support you in the workplace — to help you apply your new-found understanding of yourself to your roles in the workplace.  Each of us is skilled in the use and applications of the MBTI® and can help you balance your needs as a person with your role as a professional.

Employee Assistance

Are you an employer?  If so, you know the importance of keeping your company running like clockwork — your bottom line depends on it.  The trouble is — people aren’t clocks.  Even the most loyal and effective employee can run into issues that affect productivity.  When that happens and someone on your team is suffering, we can help.

iPsych Limited is the coaching arm of our service at the Bridge.

iPsych works to provide the assistance employees need to get back on track.  We’ve dealt extensively with EAP programs within various organisations, as diverse as the London Metropolitan Police, The Royal College of Art, several City financial institutions, media organisations and charities.